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The Academy

28 Life-Changing Weeks

Cincinnati Police Department recruits go through 28-weeks of training to become one of the nation’s finest police officers. This time spent at the Cincinnati Police Academy far exceeds the 17-weeks of training required by the State of Ohio to become a police officer. Selected applicants will have to pass the OPOTA Physical Fitness Entry Test two weeks before starting the Police Academy.


  • Cincinnati Police Department
    Uniforms, including physical fitness uniforms, and laptops will be provided for use during the academy at no expense to the Recruit. Allowing for minimal out of pocket expenses prior to the start of the class.
  • Cincinnati Police Department
    Learn federal, state, and local laws and how to apply them.
  • Cincinnati Police Department
    Become proficient with de-escalation techniques, interpersonal communication skills, mental health awareness, problem-solving, and community-oriented policing.
  • Cincinnati Police Department
    Master patrol techniques, investigative procedures, emergency operation of police vehicles, traffic control, and defensive driving.

Getting You Prepared

At the Cincinnati Police Academy you will undergo hours of training in physical fitness, defensive tactics training, the use of Conducted Energy Weapons (TASER), and firearms training.

Training at the academy will consist of live role-play scenarios as well as virtual reality training.

Apex Officer Virtual Reality (VR) Police Training Simulator:

Apex Officer is the world’s most realistic and immersive VR force training simulator for law enforcement professionals.

Click the video above to see how it works.

A Bond Like No Other

Many enter the police academy as complete strangers and leave with lifelong friends who they will forever share a bond with. Your classmates understand the physical demands of the academy, stand next to you on your good days and your bad days, and they push you to be the best officer you can be.

Click the video to hear from 111th Class Officers Alejandro Santa Jordan and Paige Smith about their experience.

Mentorship Program

Prior to entering the academy, every recruit is paired with an experienced officer as a mentor.

This ensures the continuity and quality of policing in Cincinnati is being handed down to the next generation of officers while transitioning into their new police career.

Mentors are different from a Field Training Officer. Mentors build a relationship to pass on knowledge and provide insight, guidance, and assistance with the navigation of the police culture and developmental opportunities to new officers.

Field Training

After graduating from the police academy, you will be assigned to an officer who is specifically trained to be a Field Training Officer (FTO). With the guidance and support of your FTO, you experience a minimum of 12-weeks of on the job training before being released to solo patrol.

Ongoing Training

For our officers, training and education is on-going. No matter where you are in your career, you will never stop learning at the Cincinnati Police Department.

Striving for continuous improvement, each year you will come back to visit the training unit staff at the academy and the target range for continuing professional training (CPT).