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Officer Wellness

Hiring and
Retiring Healthy

The Cincinnati Police Department’s Wellness Program promotes comprehensive wellness for all members of the department. The goal is to work towards enhancing access to mental, physical, professional, and spiritual support.

The program offers a 24/7, confidential connection for employees facing personal or professional stress which is often unique to Law Enforcement. The mission of CPD’s Wellness Program is to ensure employees have the tools and support they need to stay healthy from hire through the time they retire.


  • Cincinnati Police Department
    Confidential Support: Peers trained to assist with trauma and stress
  • Cincinnati Police Department
    Trusted Resources: Local health services vetted by officers
  • Cincinnati Police Department
    Awareness: Evidence-based research and information sharing
  • Cincinnati Police Department
    Partnerships: Assistance for supervisors, families, and agencies to support employee wellness


Cincinnati Police Wellness consists of a trained Peer Support Team and a Critical Incident Stress Management Team for specialized response to impactful incidents. The Critical Incident Stress Management Team is instrumental in aiding Cincinnati Police personnel, along with fellow brothers and sisters in law enforcement during their times of crisis.
The Wellness Team identifies and works with culturally competent wellness resources, delivers health trainings, partners with clinicians to promote evidence-based care, seeks funding for health programming, and advocates for best practices in officer wellness. Over the years, CPD’s Wellness Team has collaborated with outside agencies that include the Fraternal Order of Police, local universities, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and retired first responders.
CPD’s Wellness Program is now the model for law enforcement agencies throughout the region. In the Summer of 2022, the Regional First Responder Training Collaborative was created. CPD partners with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Wellness Program and the Tristate First Responder Peer Support team to offer quarterly wellness training at the Cincinnati Police Academy for all first responders throughout the region.

Healing with Horses:

Our officers have access to Equine-assisted therapy.

Brushy Creek Reserve in Amelia, Ohio, run by a Vietnam Veteran, offers Equine Therapy to our officers at no charge. Click the video below to learn more about Brushy Creek Reserve.

Brushy Creek Reserve

24/7, confidential help at our Officer's fingertips

CPD’s wellness app offers a complete range of self-assessments as well as continuously updated videos, guides, and courses on more than 60 behavioral health topics directly related to our officer’s wellness. Watch the video to learn more.

Tiphanie Galvez

Here For YOU

Meet CPD' s Wellness Coordinator:

Tiphanie Galvez began her career in the Cincinnati Emergency Communications Center and spent 15 years as a 911 operator, dispatcher, and supervisor, before transferring to a human resources management position in the police department. While assigned to HR, Tiphanie took over the voluntary role of Peer Support Coordinator with the goal of building a peer team.

Tiphanie combined her knowledge of working with first responders, experience with mental health, and science background to develop resources, policies, and training needed to promote healthy careers for officers. The result has been overcoming cultural barriers to grow the project into a comprehensive wellness program serving the Cincinnati Police Department as well as their families and regional first responder partners.

The program became so successful that Tiphanie left her CPD HR role in 2022 to focus exclusively on her passion for first responder wellness. Tiphanie serves as the department’s first, full-time, Wellness Coordinator.

CPD’s Wellness Office is located on the first floor of the Police Academy. The office is staffed Monday through Friday from 0800 – 1600 hours and welcomes walk-ins if you need resources, information, or just want to talk.